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Whilst deciding whether to begin therapy with me,
it might be helpful to know a little about me and
about Art Therapy. 
Is Art Therapy for you?
Art Therapy is an approach to mental well-being that can be accessed by anyone of any age, background or ability. If you are open to working with image making and believe that you would benefit from an opportunity for self-expression, shared experience and reflection, then Art Therapy may be right for you. Through both expressive and psycho-dynamic based approach people with a wide range of mental health difficulties can be supported. I am happy to be contacted by phone or email, as initial starting point, to help you decide undertaking support through Art Therapy.
When words aren't enough, Art Therapy can offer opportunity for self-expression and communication. Through a creative approach, this is a form of psychotherapy based on non-verbal ways of connecting with our mind, emotions internal world and our soul. Clients who use art therapy may have a wide range of difficulties, disabilities or diagnoses. These include, for example, emotional, behavioral or mental health problems, learning or physical disabilities, life-limiting conditions, brain-injury or neurological conditions and physical illness. Sometimes, difficult thoughts and feelings cannot be expressed through words. However, through the experience with the materials, image making, resulting artwork and therapeutic relationship, it is possible to make a connection with feelings and experiences. Through this process a space is created to witness and explore what has been expressed or shown through the image. In turn, this can enable a further insight and understanding, healing, positive change and quality of life. Developing a trust and connection with the therapist and creative process are central and key in this journey. Medium that can be used are for example paints, drawing, clay, collage as well as digital media such as photography, film and tablet technology. However, I am open to considering the use of a wide range of creative approach and materials that may be most appropriate for the person engaging in therapy. If you are interested to work with image making and benefit from an opportunity for self-expression and shared experience, then Art Therapy may be an approach to consider. If you would like to explore this option in more detail, it is possible to contact me through the phone number at the top of the page, or through the contact form further on. 
I am a qualified Art Therapist registered with The British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT) and Health & Care Professionals Council (HCPC). I believe that the visual and creative arts can support healing of the mind and soul, to balance mental wellbeing and our emotional self. This benefit is enhanced when art and psychotherapy combine, enabling transformation which can be powerful and positive. I offer a confidential and nurturing space in which to explore difficult feelings, thoughts or emotions. I believe that a person centered approach is important. A sensitive understanding and respect are fundamental in this therapeutic relationship. I offer short or long term therapy with individuals and groups; • adults • young people • children • families • older people I have been supporting people with mental health difficulties since 1994 in the UK, Romania and Bangladesh using art for empowerment, self-autonomy and mental wellbeing. Since 2004, I co-founded and have been running an arts and mental health charity called SOLA ARTS, where I develop and deliver arts engagement programmes, creative industries training and Art Therapy. I have delivered as Guest Speaker and workshop leader at conferences and events throughout the UK; focused on mental health, art therapy, arts engagement and language & mental health. My experience as an Art Therapist to date has involved working with people such as; • individuals and groups in the community • adolescents in residential psychiatric units • children, young people and families in children's NHS mental health services
As therapist, it is my role to oprovide a safe and supportive experience for the client to support and nurture their mental wellbeing and development. A space is created where a trusting relationship can grow between the client, the therapist and the art materials. Through this a sharing, reflection and evolving together takes place. Being able to explore the images together, gives a space for shared experiencing of the making of the image and resulting artwork. Reflection occurs in different ways, through verbal and non-verbal acknowlement and processing of the image, creative experience and evolving therapeutic relationship. When and how a client chooses to begin image making will develop naturally. Some people beginning image making from the first session. However, other people may not make images for sometime or may gradually come to work with the materials over a longer-period. As therapist, I may encourage but never force someone to engage with image making. Image making is an important part of the experience and therapeutic processing. An image can be a visual or other creatively expressed representation, which can be created from physical materials such as pencil, felts, paint, clay, collage, spoken or written word, found objects, digital imaging (computer), video etc.
What to expect in an Art Therapy session?
Length of sessions
Child session icon
CHILD SESSION 30mins - 1hr
Adult Session icon
ADULT SESSION 1 - 1.5hrs
Group Session Icon
GROUP SESSION 2+ people 1.5 - 2hrs
first session
After initial contact is made, we arrange a day and time for a First Meeting. Accompanied by a carer, guardian or parent if relevant. This is an opportunity to agree how the sessions will be used and what art materials or approaches may be of interest. During the meeting, we can also explore concerns or thoughts about engaging in Art Therapy and how best the therapeutic journey can be supported.
There will be opportunity to share information that may be relevant for me to know, or that give some grounding as to reasons for beginning therapy. By the end of the meeting, we will have agreed an initial number of sessions to begin therapy. I recommend a 6-week programme for a child and 12-weeks for an adult. Of course, this is flexible to individual needs and preferences. Groups begin with a 12-week programme. Whether someone is entering individual, family or group therapy an individual first meeting always takes place.
I work according to professional Ethics and Codes of Conduct as set out by HCPC and BAAT. Disclosure within Art Therapy sessions is a part of this.
Disclosure is treated as confidential between therapist and client or clients if a group situation, unless otherwise request by the client(s) and agreed. However, there are certain times where this is not the case, such as during Supervision. All therapists are professionally bound to undertake Supervision. Other situations would be where a client may be considered at risk of harming themselves or others. Or where serious financial fraud has taken place. In these instances, I am legally responsible to disclose to appropriate persons for the safety of the client or others. However, I would talk about this with you if such a situation were to arise. All images created in the sessions remain confidential unless otherwise request by the client. Images are kept in a safe, private space. Upon completion of therapy, images not claimed by the client are held according to the Data Protection Act, so long as holding space is viable. Any data held in client files will also be held according to the Data Protection Act, so long as holding space is viable.
Sessions are held in the south central area of Liverpool, unless otherwise requested. This is a creative and safe space within the community that offers daytime and evening, weekday and weekend options. For people with palliative care, residential or specific mobility or other needs, an alternative venue can be agreed with you, for example home-based.
Individual Cost
INDIVIDUAL £35 Per hour
family Cost
FAMILY £40 Per Hour
Group Cost
GROUP £10/£20* Per Hour
* numbers dependent
Concessions: students, people on benefits, unemployed, low waged and union members
Please enquire
Working with Adele has given me a space to understand. At first it was a bit hard using art but I quickly found it very helpful and powerful. I've opened up about things that I've kept inside. This has helped my mind calm and I feel more in control.
Art therapy for me was a life changing experience. The medium of art allowed me to connect with feelings and emotions I had previously been unable to reach, and therefore enhance my life. My art therapy journey was a safe, effective and rewarding experience. Something I am happy and proud to have done, and promote to others.
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